4’x8’x16″ Raised Bed


The Kit Includes:

  • 4’X6’X16″ Redwood Bed
  • (2) Flat corner brackets, Aluminum
  • (8) Corner Clips with set screws, ss
  • (4) 30″ Angle steel powder coated stakes.
  • (4) 30″ Powder Coated
  • Water Efficiant Drip
  • Gopher Barier 1/2″ hardware cloth


  • Locally Made in Northern California
  • Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Assembly and Installations can be arranged in nearby localized areas.
  • 4′ x 8′ x 16″ high
  • Air Seasoned s4s 2″ x 6″ con Redwood grown sustainably in Northern California…naturally rot resistant.
  • Exterior stained naturally with Raw Linseed Oil
  • Aluminum Brackets: 4 corner brackets, 2 center brackets giving additional side bed support preventing  ‘Bulge’ when filled with composted soil.
  • All Hardware and Bracket components are stainless steel…no rusting will occur making it easy to remove.

Optional Cover: Extend your growing season with a hinged cover. Comes in 7 year woven-poly for a hot-house as well as shade cloth. All covers are hand stitched locally and slide over frame for a snug-fit. Also great for Starts! Blackout covers now available for light-deprivation.

Discounts Available for multiple kits, schools and community garden purchases.


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